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Fun Trivia About Money

How much do you really know about your money? Test your dollars and sense with this priceless trivia quiz. Try it with friends for more fun.

1. True or False: It would take more than 14 million notes to make a one-mile stack of U.S. currency.

2. What is our currency made from?

3. What year was the dollar officially adopted as our nation’s unit of currency?

4. The U.S. Secret Service was created during what war to fight counterfeiting?

5. In what year did the words “In God We Trust” first appear on paper currency?

6. True or False: The largest note produced today is the $100 bill.

7. What percentage of notes produced each year are $1 bills?

8. How many double folds (forward and backward) are needed to tear a note?

9. The average $100 bill will last about seven years. How long does a $1 bill last?

10. How many notes are produced a day by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing?


1. True.

2. It is actually a fabric consisting of 25 percent linen and 75 percent cotton.

3. 1785.

4. The Civil War.

5. 1963.

6. True.

7. 45 percent.

8. About 4000 folds.

9. 21 months.

10. 38 million

It’s always fun to learn something new! At McCallum Communities Apartments in Dallas, Texas, we love to provide you with fun, thought-provoking facts that will make you reflect on different aspects of life.

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