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Water Safety for Your Dog

Recreation around water increases in the summertime for both people and pets. If you are planning on taking your dog boating or to a lake or river, be sure to keep these safety tips in mind. 

Provide plenty of shade
Your pooch will need to take a break from the sun, so make sure that you provide a shady place to lie down and rest. Place your pet’s water bowl in the shade as well to keep the water as cool as possible. 

Take care with swimming
Not all dogs are good swimmers. Don’t leave your pet unsupervised near water. When on a boat, be sure to strap on a floatation device made for dogs. After swimming, rinse your dog to remove chlorine or salts from his fur. Discourage your dog from drinking pool or lake water, as this can cause an upset stomach. 

Watch out for heat stroke and dehydration
Don’t assume that just because you are near the water, your dog cannot become dehydrated. Provide clean water whether you are on shore or on a boat. If your dog has difficulty breathing, excessive panting, drooling, or weakness, get him indoors to a cool place as soon as possible. If his symptoms don’t improve quickly, call your vet. 

McCallum Properties in Dallas, Texas hopes that these helpful tips will assist you in improving your overall daily lifestyle. Once you read through these suggestions, feel free to apply our advice to your daily routine.

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